Amazing, exotic and absolutely spellbinding, Vietnam is a land of breath-taking natural beauty with an incredible heritage that will seduce and quickly captivate you. To say that Vietnam has had a fascinating history would be an understatement. It has endured numerous invasions and was in fact almost at continuous war from 1946 through to 1975. Today, the smoke has long since cleared, growth and stability have returned to the country and one can readily see how the French and Chinese colonial influences of the past have combined to create a warm, uniquely colourful, vibrant and welcoming nation.

Vietnam is blessed with a pleasant climate and stunning landscapes ranging from mountains to river basins, dense forests and vast tracts of emerald green rice fields. Whilst agriculture still features prominently in the lives of most Vietnamese, there has been a massive migration to the major cities like Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi in the recent past. These vibrant, somewhat chaotic and invigorating cities are where the delightful melding of different cultures is most apparent in everything from food to architecture.


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Visitors to Vietnam are overwhelmed by the sublime beauty of the country’s natural setting. Between the lush Red River Delta and the highlands in the north, known for their magnificent scenery and colourful hill tribes



Vietnam – a veritable phoenix that has risen from the ashes. Much has changed in Vietnam since the savagery of the American War ended four decades ago.



If you’ve got the time, Vietnam’s got the thrills. Some require a little physical effort, like motor biking switchback after switchback up the jaw-dropping Hai Van Pass in Central Vietnam.



Our selection of carefully crafted tours encourages interaction with local people to foster a deeper appreciation for the Vietnamese culture and create meaningful bonds with each destination that will be fondly remembered by our guests.