Burma - Myanmar

A newly accessible land with the most exquisite, untouched natural beauty, colonial charm, ancient wonders and kind, gentle people – and the time to go and see it all is now!

It was one of the last closed countries on Earth until a few years ago when Myanmar flung open its borders and invited the world to come on in. Since then, the changes have been swift and whilst there are still infrastructure challenges in the more remote regions, this makes Myanmar all the more fun to travel in.  Major airlines and hotel chains were quick to establish a presence there as they envisage Myanmar fast becoming one of the world’s premier travel destinations.

A casual glance at its map reveals the many reasons why. The largest country in mainland South East Asia, it stretches to meet Himalayan Tibet, borders China and tapers down the long coastal peninsular alongside Thailand. The southern coastline is a jewel in Myanmar’s crown, caressed by the breezes off the Andaman Sea; it remains pristine and unspoiled for mile after mile. Couple this with vast, untouched emerald green hinterlands, magnificent rivers, rolling hills and mountains, stunning temples and delightfully gentle, smiling people and it all adds up to a destination that is set to showcase Asia the way it used to be.



With Myanmar still relatively undiscovered, it would be difficult not to feel a sense of adventure when you visit. In a country void of western paraphernalia, with only a handful of ATMs and mobile phones still something of a novelty, the Golden Land presents an opportunity to step back in time..



A beautiful and culturally rich country suppressed for decades by an oppressive regime, Myanmar has, in recent years, taken its first tentative steps towards democracy. Following the removal of a fifteen-year tourism boycott tourist numbers have grown.



Myanmar is not a typical tourist destination and doesn’t feature dozens of amusement parks, organised trekking and the usual activities list. Still, it’s a very interesting place to visit on an entirely different plane and places like Inle Lake are quietly but firmly impressive in their own right..



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